​​​​Kiss The Ground You Walk On, Canada​

The A,B,Cs of how to be a better Canadian

Photographs by George Czerny, author

of travel guide, "George's Georgian Bay".

Highway 400/69 swings past Waubaushene, Ontario, in this view to the south

Waubaushene, Ontario

The Forest Fire Hazard sign on Station No. 1 in the small community of Waubaushene is the kind of sign one will see from place to place around Georgian Bay reminding people to be careful with campfires and ignition sources of any kind. Waubaushene is located just off Highway 400, which is shown sweeping through the countryside in the photograph at upper-right. Years ago, a two-lane highway took travelers into, or past, Waubaushene and was known as Highway 69. However, as the main highway - which leads north to Parry Sound and Sudbury - has been widened it became Highway 400 to denote the four-lane aspect. A highway bridge takes travelers over the north end of Matchedash Bay where it joins Georgian Bay. Going into Waubaushene, one can visit waterfront park areas, such as the one at right. One will also find service centres, where fuel and other supplies can be purchased, such as the one shown at right which is at the intersection of Highway 12 and Highway 400. At bottom-right, in this photograph taken in passing from George's vehicle, is one of many specialty shops one will find in the Georgian Bay region. Some shops in some areas operate on a seasonal basis. This one had a sign in front to show that it was open.