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This sign indicates that this portion of Highway 26, near Lora Bay, just west of Thornbury, is part of the Georgian Bay Coastal Route. The route has been written about by author-photographer George Czerny who calls Georgian Bay his "centre of the universe". Years ago, when George first wrote about travels around Georgian Bay, the circular route was part of the "Lake Huron Great Circle Route". Georgian Bay, a very large bay, is on the eastern side of Lake Huron which is one of the five, famous Great Lakes.

Winter, as this photograph shows, or summertime, can be a delight for photographers anywhere around Georgian Bay. Here, this is a view looking east at the Blue Mountains from near the mouth of the Beaver River at Thornbury harbour. The ski slopes visible in the distance belong to a private ski club, Georgian Peaks.

Services of all kinds exist in the southern Georgian Bay region. Gyles Sails and Marine is unique and has a faithful, happy clientele. You can't miss Gyles' sign as you travel to Thornbury harbor from downtown.

Sailboats and motorboats shown at the Thornbury harbor marina. There, excellent facilities exist for visiting boats and local residents alike. Below, the steel frames in the foreground -- shown in a September photograph -- will become cradles which will house boats for the winter months. When the boats are taken out is called "lift out" and in the spring, after the ice leaves the harbor and Georgian Bay, there will be a "lift in".

Some Thornbury views....

A jewel on the Town of the Blue Mountains' waterfront, Thornbury is a "must-visit" spot which is bound to please with its amenities. From a cheese house to a wine bar, from a bakery to Thai food, Thornbury offers a lot. Thornbury's downtown is only a few blocks from the waterfront where an excellent marina is maintained by the town. Adjacent to the marina, the Beaver River flows into Georgian Bay, just a short walk from the historic trestle bridge which once served railway traffic. Today, the trestle bridge carries part of the 34-kilometre Georgian Trail - a hiking, bicycling and cross/country skiing trail (in winter!) - that links Collingwood, in the east, with Meaford in the west. The Beaver River is a favourite spot for anglers.

Early-morning splendor! A view across southern Georgian Bay, near the mouth of the Beaver River, looking east from Thornbury Harbour. The ridge in the distance is part of the Blue Mountains, which in turn are part of the world-biosphere, Niagara Escarpment and home to Blue Mountain Resorts. In the photo below, at left, two happy anglers show off their catch.  At right, below, an angler in waders is dwarfed by the immensity of part of Georgian Bay. Photographs by George Czerny.

Thornbury Village Cidery is open to the public selling cider and beer. In a way, at September 2017, it is Thornbury's newest attraction with a spacious outdoor patio at which there is sometimes live entertainment. An excellent way to find out which cider you will like is to purchase a flight of samples.aragraph here.

Photographs by George Czerny,

author of travel guide "George's Georgian Bay" which is available for purchase on-line at www.blurb.com.