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Sudbury, which is a massive regional municipality, includes urban and rural areas. The area features rock cuts and railways and topography that is completely different from what one will see in southern Ontario.

Photographs by George Czerny,

​author of travel guide "George's Georgian Bay". George's books are available for purchase on-line at www.blurb.com.​ Simply go to "blurb's" bookstore and type George Czerny into the search box.

The history of the City of Sudbury is solidly intertwined with the mining industry. One of the attractions to visit in Sudbury to learn about mining and its history with Sudbury is the Big Nickel Mine.

Science North is another "must-visit" attraction in the City of Sudbury. Close to hotels, restaurants and beautiful Ramsay Lake, Science North is well worth staying overnight in this city to visit. In fact, in author George Czerny's view, going to Sudbury and not visiting Science North is like going to Paris, France and not visiting the Eiffel Tower. Sudbury has undergone an intense beautification program in the past 10 to 15 years and has bloomed as a northern Ontario hub for arts, culture and entertainment, as well as having top-notch educational and medical facilities.