​​​​Kiss The Ground You Walk On, Canada​

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If you stop adjacent to Stayner's Town Clock you will find yourself at a delightful park. There, during the summer months, one can enjoy an outdoor market, as well as musical performances.

STAYNER.....bills itself as the "Town of Friendly People". At left a view of the main street of Stayner, looking west. Below, a view of one block of downtown Stayner shows the interesting architecture one can find there if you look up! At ground level, a variety of business services including a tasty one....Aarden Chocolates!...to the right of the pizza store.

​We could all use a bit of culture from time to time and I can recommend one place in Stayner, Ontario, to get it.

Coffee Culture Cafe and Eatery is on the north side of the east end of Downtown Stayner. You come to it as you enter Stayner, going west, on Highway 26. If you go too far, you will see Aarden's Chocolates store on your right, but Coffee Culture is difficult to miss.

This restaurant is on a corner and if you turn north, you might find a parking spot immediately across from the restaurant's east end, where they have some umbrellas over patio tables. Otherwise, it's a matter of finding a parking spot in the downtown area.

Coffee Culture has been in Stayner for about 10 years, I reckon, and judging by the lunchtime crowd there today this restaurant has earned its popularity stripes. Culturally, it's a friendly place and I saw a Roger Moore – the famous documentary maker – look-alike while I was there. Or, perhaps it was really Roger Moore!

Service starts at a cafeteria-style counter where you place your order after figuring out what's what from signboards behind this counter. I could see that the salads, being served to patrons ahead of us, were looking good. But we opted for the Asiago sandwich special which came in under six dollars per person in price. This sandwich is a BLT...bacon, lettuce and tomato on a bun...and freshly prepared.

We ordered coffee. It was made for us at the counter and brought to us after we ordered the rest of our lunch and paid for it. The lady at the counter gave us a little holder which had the number 10 on it and we took it to our table.

A little while passed, quite acceptable in terms of time frame, and our sandwiches, along with a small bowl of salad, arrived. On a scale of one to 10, with 10 being the best, our sandwiches scored a 10! Very tasty and healthy....with all the food groups.

I was surprised that they don't come around with coffee refills, but they were quite busy at the counter taking orders and looking after patrons.

Stayner is an interesting spot and on some evenings they have free concerts and a market in the little park across the street from Coffee Culture.

The Town of Stayner's motto is “Town of Friendly People”. For certain, that's the case, along with the good sandwiches and salad, in Coffee Culture.