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Author-photographer, George Czerny, with two of his books at Collingood harbour.

"George's Georgian Bay" beckons....

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The centre of my universe

I think of Georgian Bay as the centre of my universe.

It is the eastern part of Lake Huron, stretching north-south for approximately 100 miles and east-west for approximately 50 miles, so big that some people have called it a sea.

Standing on Georgian Bay's shoreline in most places, one can not see the other side.

From the world’s largest freshwater island, Manitoulin Island in the northwest,to the world’s largest freshwater beach, Wasaga Beach in the southeast, you will find a lot to enjoy that is both entertaining, exciting, engaging and educational when you visit Georgian Bay and area.

From the cranberry marshes and rocky topography on the eastern shore to the wonders of the Niagara Escarpment, acclaimed as a world biosphere on the western shore, Georgian Bay beckons you to visit and then return.

You will find Georgian Bay and environs both scenic and safe, mystical and marvellous. There are urban parts and there are rural parts. Some parts are water and others are abundant wilderness. Some parts reveal the excitement of man-made developments, such as the “Village at Blue” and others, such as “Science North” are bound to enthral.

"George's Georgian Bay" an unique guide, prepared in conjunction with the personal experiences of the author, aims to help you enjoy yourself when you visit Georgian Bay. Consider "George's Georgian Bay" as your "one-stop familiarization spot" which gives you an overview of what's what around Georgian Bay.

Writing about Georgian Bay and environs and all those have to offer is like trying to fill a bottomless pit. There is much, much more than can be written about in one book! With “George’s Georgian Bay” my aim is to put you in touch with many of the people and organizations that best know their part of Georgian Bay, as well as provide some personal experience about travels around Georgian Bay.

In this bird's-eye view looking west across the northern part of Collingwood, Ontario, one can see the landmark Collingwood Terminals building at right. No longer used as a grain elevator, the terminals building is at the entrance to Collingwood harbor and a favourite landmark for boaters. Close-up, in the foreground, that is the Pretty River Parkway, which is also known as Highway 26, as it makes it way through town. At right, is the Sunset Point area, which one of the many wonderful park areas in Collingwood. In the distance are the Blue Mountains, part of the Niagara Escarpment, where one will find the four-seasons, destination Blue Mountain Resorts. (Photograph by George Czerny in February, 2014.)

A bit of background about this "One-Stop Familiarization Spot"

Personal experience makes "George's Georgian Bay" a practical and handy guide to the area around Georgian Bay, where you can enjoy yourself in many, many ways.

Author George Czerny is a long-time resident of the Collingwood area on the southern shore of Georgian Bay and has traveled extensively around what he calls his “centre of the universe”.

Georgian Bay, on the east side of Lake Huron, is approximately 121 miles (193 km.) long, 55 miles (88 km.) wide and has a maximum depth of 540 feet (165 metres). Lake Huron is one of the five Great Lakes bisected by the border that runs between Canada and the United States of America.

Explorers first came to Georgian Bay in the 1600s. You can be an explorer too.

Enjoy “George’s Georgian Bay” to familiarize yourself with various aspects of the Georgian Bay region. Use this book’s references to contact chambers of commerce and regional tourist information organizations ahead of time. They know their respective areas better than anybody else and are happy to help you. We provide contact information for them elsewhere in this book.

Google: Yes, you can Google, or search the internet in thousands of other ways, to find out more information about Georgian Bay and various things to do around Georgian Bay. Thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of bits of information and photographs exist on the internet.

“George's Georgian Bay” is a one-stop familiarization spot which introduces readers to this marvellous region with a helpful overview of this part of Ontario, Canada.

There are also many excellent books, which focus on Georgian Bay, addressing such topics such as boating, lighthouses, railways, bicycling, as well as the history of Georgian Bay. A list of some of those books appears in "George's Georgian Bay".

We do not claim that this book offers everything there is to know about Georgian Bay. Nobody can do that. But “George’s Georgian Bay” offers an excellent start linking you to sources of further information. If there is something that you think should be in this book, related to traveling around Georgian Bay, please contact the author.

George Czerny provides personal viewpoints on various places and things, including, in some cases, where to eat and where to stay. His suggestions are based on a personal experience, or information that is believed to be reliable. If there is more about one place than another place, as you read this book, expect us to balance that in future editions of “George’s Georgian Bay” as we add new information and update existing information. Or, to be as fair in our assessment as possible, sometimes there is more happening in one place than another and, as a result, more appears in this book about one place than another.

If you are new to the Georgian Bay region, this book is an excellent starting point for your experiences around Georgian Bay....as we said, your one-stop familiarization spot!

Once you have been to any part of Georgian Bay, we think you will want to return again and again and explore it more and more. Each season offers a different type of adventure.

You are the Georgian Bay area’s next explorer. Go and enjoy!