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A representative from

Bayport Marina, at left, tells an

audience at the 2015

Toronto Boat Show

about the joys of

boating on Georgian

Bay. Bayport Marina

located in Midland,

is one of many fine

marine facilities on

Georgian Bay operated by

​Parkbridge Marinas. Scott Cain and

McKeown, both from Parkbridge Marinas,

​were at the  2016 Toronto

​Boat Show telling people

​about Georgian Bay.

Photographs here are by George Czerny, author of travel guide "George's Georgian Bay" in which he offers helpful advice about travels around this eastern part of Lake Huron in Canada. George's books are available for preview and/or purchase on-line at the bookstore at www.blurb.com.

Some people like the quiet of a canoe. These canoes are available for rent at Awenda Provincial Park near Penetanguishene on Georgian Bay.

Port Severn was well represented at the 2016 Toronto Boat Show by Christie's Mill Inn and Spa and a representative called "Negin". She provided excellent information about Christie's Mill Inn and Spa to George Czerny of George's Georgian Bay. Christie's Mill Inn and Spa also has a restaurant on location. Find out more about Christie's Mill Inn and Spa by clicking onto their website: www.christiesmill.com.

​Honey Harbour is just north of Port Severn on the eastern shore of Georgian Bay. Two marinas which provide services there are the Paragon Marina and the South Bay Cove Marina. The South Bay Cove Marina has a restaurant "Top of the Cove" restaurant, one of the marina's representatives told "George's Georgian Bay" at the 2016 Toronto International Boat Show in January.

​For more about the Paragon Marina, click on www.paragon-marina.com.

Paragon Marina is celebrating its 40th year of service to the boating community in 2016. Congratulations!

​For more about the South Bay Cove Marina, click on: www.southbaycove.com.

All around Georgian Bay is considered a paradise for kayakers, canoeists and boaters of all kinds. The clearness of Georgian Bay waters is evident here adjacent to Nottawasaga Island, offshore from Collingwood. But be it at Port Severn, or offshore from Manitoulin Island, the waters provide a mecca for boaters, swimmers and SCUBA divers. Around Georgian Bay there are lighthouses that one can visit. The one in this photograph has been decommissioned and is now the focus of a repair project by the Nottawasaga Lighthouse Preservation Society.

Locks, such as this one at Port Severn, are fascinating to watch when in action and a boon to boaters.

From Port Severn to Honey Harbour and all around Georgian Bay there is a lot to do in the way of boating and much, much more!

Some people enjoy the thrill of tubing behind

a motorboat, as shown above, on Georgian Bay. Boat rentals are available, as are sailboat charters, in some locations around Georgian Bay. In some places, personal watercraft are available for rent. Important to know is that to operate a motorboat in Ontario it is necessary to have a valid boater's licence.

The locks at Port Severn on Georgian Bay are part of the Trent-Severn Waterway system which links rivers and lakes and concludes in the southeast part of Ontario at Trenton.