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Pointe au Baril Station,

Located between Sudbury and Parry Sound, Pointe au Baril Station is the springboard community for many cottagers and vacationers to this area on the eastern side of Georgian Bay. Busier during the summer months, than it is in the winter months, (as is the case with some other Georgian Bay-area communities) Pointe au Baril is located on Highway 69, which as it changes from two lanes to four-lane highway is being renamed as Highway 69/400. Pointe au Baril offers many services ranging from fuel to restaurants, tourist information and fishing tackle.

​Along Highway 69/400, there are many rivers, lakes, streams and marshy areas. It is not uncommon to spot a beaver lodge (as shown at upper-left) and sometimes wildlife such as deer, moose, or bears. We can't guarantee that travelers will always see wildlife, but the chances are there. If you do see wildlife, respect it! Especially, stay away from bears, even if you are tempted to go closer to take a photograph.

Rock cuts abound on Highway 69/400 between Sudbury and Parry Sound. Here, in the photograph above, protective steel mesh has been applied to a steep rock face as a safety measure. Look closely at the photograph below and you can see the vertical mark left by a bore hole. During road construction, holes are bored, sometimes deeply into the rock, and then explosives are placed into the holes. After, the explosives are detonated, this vertical mark is what is left to remind us of the work that went into building a modern roadway through rocky areas of Georgian Bay.

Photographs by George Czerny, author

of travel guide, "George's Georgian Bay". George's books are available for purchase on-line at www.blurb.com.