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The A,B,Cs of how to be a better Canadian

....back cover shows a bird's-eye view of the "Village at Blue" which is the heart of the popular, four-seasons' destination, Blue Mountain Resorts, in the Town of the Blue Mountains, west of Collingwood, Ontario, Canada.

The 214-page travel guide "George's Georgian Bay, revisited" is available in a number of formats.

​This friendly guidebook is available in either hardcover, or softcover.

​"George's Georgian Bay" is also available as an E-book (for I-pads) and as a PDF.

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The front cover....

Collingwood author, George Czerny, with his 214-page travel guide "George's Georgian Bay, revisited". This book is available for purchase as a hardcover, or as a softcover, from the bookstore at www.blurb.com. Simple, click on the bookstore at www.blurb.com and then enter the author's name (George Czerny) in the search space. "George's Georgian Bay" is also available as an E-Book (for I-pads) or as a PDF.

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Two books about the Collingwood Shipyards, which was once the economic backbone of industry in Collingwood, Ontario, are available by George Czerny. "A Salute to Sidelaunchings" provides photographs of the unique sidelaunchings which took place at the shipyards which closed in 1986. "The Collingwood Shipyards" provides history, anecdotes and photographs to do with this once-flourishing industry at Collingwood's waterfront. Both books are available for purchase on-line at the bookstore at www.blurb.com. Simply, visit that site and enter the name George Czerny in the search box. You will then be able to preview these books and others by George.

​Other books by this Collingwood resident are shown in the rows above at left and held by George in the photograph at left. In the top row. The five books above include three from George's "Eyes over Collingwood" series which provide low-level, bird's-eye views of Collingwood in books that focus on north, south, west and east areas of the town. "Making Tracks and Changing" is the smallest book you will ever see and in its 20 pages George offers poems as well as some motivational advice that he has learned in the "school of hard knocks". He notes that he has no professional credentials to offer advice, but he has had lots of life experiences! "Collingwood's Walk of History" focuses - through photographs and text - on the area of Heritage Drive in Collingwood where plaques (such as the one shown above at right) in oval-shape, commemorate various ships built at the Collingwood Shipyards. At left. George, who is a former president of the Collingwood Chamber of Commerce and a past-president of the Rotary Club of Collingwood, holds two of his books: at right, an "Eyes over Collingwood" book which provides views of the eastern side of town. On the left, another "Eyes over Collingwood" book which features on the north side of town and provides a bird's-eye view of the landmark Collingwood Terminals, a former grain elevator facility. Today, just north of the Collingwood Terminals, visitors will find Millennium Park from which one has splendid panoramic views of Georgian Bay, the Blue Mountains area and the shoreline of Wasaga Beach.  To reach Millennium Park, take Heritage Drive north from Highway 26 in the Town of Collingwood. (It's right across the street from the The Station where the Collingwood Museum is located along with the Georgian Triangle Tourist Association." There's lots of parking there and washrooms.

George's newest book is "Kiss The Ground You Walk On, Canada!". This 205-page book, which has the sub-title of "The A,B,Cs of how to be a better Canadian" is available at $15.00 (plus applicable tax and shipping cost) from www.volumesdirect.com.

Once the economic backbone for Collingwood and district, the Collingwood Shipyards built ships and sidelaunched them as the photograph above by George Czerny shows. The ship shown, launched in May, 1979, is the "Algoport". The unique sidelaunchings drew spectators from near and far. The shipyards closed in September 1986 and became the subject of one of George's books, "The Collingwood Shipyards".