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If you like poetry, two of author George Czerny's poems are included at no extra charge in "Kiss The Ground You Walk On, Canada!".  One poem is "Trust" and the other is "Realization". You are sure to enjoy both, as well as the rest of the interesting content in this book!

Above, author George Czerny with his book! At left above, the front cover of George's book and at left below, the back cover. There are 205 pages to "Kiss The Ground You Walk On, Canada!" and chapters which cover this Canadian author's respectful suggestions about how Canadians can be better Canadians.

George, as he prefers to be called, says that a highlight of his producing this book was being able to receive input from fellow Canadians and publish it in this book.

A self-publisher, George used a Canadian company, Volumes, to print his book. Volumes is a Waterloo, Ontario-based company, a division of M & T Printing Group, which has been  in business for more than 50 years. 

To purchase "Kiss The Ground You Walk On, Canada!" simply go to Volumes' website at www.volumesdirect.com and click into the bookstore part of Volumes' website where authors' books are featured.

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The price for "Kiss The Ground You Walk On, Canada!" is $15.00 (Cdn.) per copy, plus applicable tax and shipping. Full details are available on Volumes' bookstore pages.

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These aforementioned books are available for purchase from the www.blurb.com website where more details and pricing for these titles are available.

"Kiss The Ground You Walk On, Canada!" is available for purchase from Volumes, a Canadian printing company which deals with on-demand printing and authors who self-publish.

Full details about how you can purchase George Czerny's latest book, "Kiss The Ground You Walk On, Canada!" for $15.00 per copy (plus applicable tax and shipping cost) are available on the Volumes' website at:


Author George Czerny-Holownia, who has been writing under the name George Czerny for more than five decades, is shown with two of his earlier books. Behind George ….and he prefers to be called George.... is the sidelaunch basin into which ships built at the Collingwood Shipyards were sidelaunched. George wrote about those sidelaunches, the shipbuilding days and about the shipyards which was once the economic backbone of Collingwood (Ontario). The Collingwood Shipyards closed on September 12, 1986. Since then, a residential development called The Shipyards has been been built on the waterfront lands where the shipyards industry once flourished. Most recently, George has written and self-published "Kiss The Ground You Walk On, Canada!" which carries the subtitle: "The A,B,Cs of how to be a better Canadian". His latest book is available for $15.00 per copy (plus applicable tax and shipping cost) from Volumes. Simply click on the bookstore page at Volumes' website which is www.volumesdirect.com. Thank you!


You know somebody who

is killing Canada, George says

Somebody you know is killing Canada, writes George Czerny-Holownia in his latest book “Kiss The Ground You Walk On, Canada!”

“What we have in Canada today is a failure by numbers,” writes Czerny-Holownia, who suggests people call him George.

“It's easier,” says this retired newspaperman. He believes the downslide in turn-out of eligible voters, in elections at various levels of government, equates with the death of democracy.

He cites recent cases in which the turn-out of eligible voters dropped to 20 per cent (in York-Simcoe), 34 per cent (in Brampton, Ont.) and 27 per cent (in Mississauga, Ont.).

“The tide has to be turned on voter apathy,” writes George who asserts that many Canadians take too much for granted, including the many freedoms we all enjoy.

“We should be kissing the ground we walk on,” says George, who offers his “A,B,Cs of how to be a better Canadian” in his book.

As part of his focus on how Canadians can be better Canadians, George sought feedback from people across Canada. Their comments appear in “Kiss The Ground You Walk On, Canada!”

The Collingwood, (Ont.) writer expands to other topics ranging from philantropy to “traffic terrorists” and from not losing one's enthusiasm to “border hoppers”. He tells of his concern about secrecy in government and suggests a “Ministry of Getting Things Done”.

An advocate for First Nations' communities which need assistance, he also provides a chronology of communication with federal government representatives as he sought answers to questions about the lack of potable water in some First Nations communities.

“Kiss The Ground You Walk On, Canada!” is available at the on-line bookstore of Volumes, a Waterloo (Ont.)-based printing company. This book is also available on-line from Amazon and Indigo.


​​​​Kiss The Ground You Walk On, Canada​

The A,B,Cs of how to be a better Canadian