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Highway 400 and Highway 69 between Sudbury, in the north, and Waubaushene on the southern shore of Georgian Bay, are marvelous examples of road-building engineering and a testament to the dogged determination of the people who built them through all kinds of terrain and during all kinds of weather.

Photographs by George Czerny,

author of travel guide "George's Georgian Bay" which is available for purchase on-line at the bookstore at www.blurb.com.

Please, pay attention when driving and do not speed. The signs along Highway 400/69 tell about the consequences of speeding. So, don't.

Wherever you go around Georgian Bay, sunrises and sunsets - such as the sunset shown here - can be a thing of beauty; delighting photographers. Be sure to have your camera handy!

Fascinating French River area

offers wilderness, waterways, trails

Early explorers to the Georgian Bay area came by canoe on the French River. Today, the Georgian Bay region is a mecca for canoeists, kayakers and other boaters. The North Channel, in particular, attracts motorboats and sailboats in abundance to its many coves and islands.

The French River, above, as seen from Highway 69, flows to Georgian Bay and was once the main "highway" for early explorers who came by canoe.