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Highways leading to Elmvale and all around Georgian Bay are generally excellent roadways, well maintained at all times of year. Highway 69, which runs north-south between Sudbury and Parry Sound does have some areas that are being rebuilt to four-lane from two-lane, but delays because of construction are minimal. Above, the Blue Mountains and southern Georgian Bay are visible in the distance, to the west, from this spot on Balm Beach Road west of Midland.

ELMVALE and area....

A commercial hub at the point where Simcoe County Road 92 meets Highway 27 east of Wasaga Beach, Elmvale offers a variety of stores, restaurants and fuel stations.

One of our favourites is the bakery located in the downtown area!

Each spring, Elmvale is made famous with its annual maple syrup festival.

This small community is also home to the Elmvale Zoo which has been attracting visitors for decades.

So, while it is a small place in Simcoe County, Elmvale does have a lot to offer.

​Alongside Highway 27, on the outskirts of northern Elmvale, is an artesian spring which has been running non-stop for years. Water used to flow from a single pipe, but in recent years a structure has been built surrounding the outflow pipe which now features three spigots.

​This spring is extremely popular with people who come from miles around to fill containers (for free) at this location, which is shown at left.

​The Simcoe County Health Unit has a sign at the location noting that it tests the water every three months. People drink this water at their own risk and it continues to be popular with hundreds of vehicles - perhaps daily - bringing jug-toting visitors there for a fill-up.

Photographs by George Czerny, author

of travel guide "George's Georgian Bay". George's books are available for purchase on-line from the bookstore at www.blurb.com. His titles include: "The Collingwood Shipyards" and a series of books which offer low-level, aerial photographs of Collingwood titled "Eyes over Collingwood"..

Elmvale is in the heart of agricultural country with large, flat fields.

.....and Elmvale, made famous by maple syrup, has a water story of its own!

Elmvale, Ontario, is not on the water.....but it is on the way to Wasaga Beach, the longest freshwater beach in the world