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Snowshoeing is a healthy, wintertime activity and there are lots of places in Collingwood and all around Georgian Bay to enjoy it. Above, Nancy Czerny gazes toward the Collingwood Terminals across the frozen stretches of Collingwood harbour. Below, a close-up of one type of snowshoe. There are different kinds of snowshoes available at local stores around Georgian Bay.

The Royal Canadian Legion has branches all around Georgian Bay. There, veterans and relatives of veterans gather for social activities and also to carry on with community projects. The Normandy Room is part of the Legion branch in Collingwood where one will also find the "low-flying" jet shown at bottom-right.

At left, snowmobiles are parked outside The Station adjacent to the junction of Huron Street and Heritage Drive in Collingwood. The Station is home to the Collingwood Museum and also to the Georgian Triangle Tourist Information Centre. Snowmobiling is a popular winter pastime all around Georgian Bay. In many areas, special trails are groomed for snowmobilers and maps made especially for snowmobilers point out the "hot spots"....even when it is minus 25 degrees Celcius!

Newly-developed in 2015 is the Labyrinth which is just a stone's throw from Georgian Bay at Harbourview Park on Collingwood's waterfront. It is a place for peace and contemplation just minutes from the hub-bub of First Street and Highway 26. Harbourview Park also boasts hiking/bicycling trails, a boardwalk at the west end, lots of free parking at the east end ( just north of the town's sewage treatment plant at Birch Street), an ampitheatre on a grassy hillside and an arboretum.

The monument which carries the name Heather Pathway attests to the more than 50-kilometres of hiking/bicycling trails which exist in Collingwood. The Heather Pathway is part of that extensive trail network, much of it along the waterfront, and all free to use. Georgian Bay is not always calm, sometimes large waves and whitecaps turn it sea-like and boaters have to be careful; sometimes not venturing out. At left, spray flies at one area of a breakwall adjacent to Heritage Drive in Collingwood. Above, the town's clock is a landmark in Downtown Collingwood.

The travel guide "George's Georgian Bay" is available in a number of formats, aiming to be attractive to various budgets.

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Photographs by George Czerny, author

of travel guide "George's Georgian Bay" which is available for purchase on-line at the bookstore at www.blurb.com along with other of George's books, including "The Collingwood Shipyards",  "Collingwood's Walk of History" and a series of aerial-photograph books titled "Eyes over Collingwood".

The blue-and-white "Huronic" cruiseboat rests at its moorings ahead of a smaller, white cruiseboat in the former sidelaunching basin at Collingwood harbour. This scenic view was taken from the third-floor of an adjacent office building, looking north across Side Launch Way (the street in the foreground). Also visible here is the new condominium development, "The Shipyards" which is taking place on the site of the former Collingwood Shipyards. In the distance, beyond the condos, is visible the top of the Collingwood Terminals, a former grain elevator facility and now a landmark on the Collingwood waterfront. At upper-right, the small building - which is on nearby Heritage Drive - is the historic Watts Boathouse, which is now home to the Collingwood Dragon Boat and Canoe Club. This scene changes dramatically ever winter when everything in sight is covered with snow and the harbour is frozen over! Read more about Collingwood and Georgian Bay in George Czerny's travel guide, "George's Georgian Bay".

Collingwood's historic federal building is patterned after a building in Havana, Cuba.

What a big....and cold....difference winter makes to the Georgian Bay area! Here, at left, is a view of part of Collingwood harbor frozen over completely. Those are ice-fishing huts which dot the ice surface. In recent years, the Great Lakes -- of which Lake Huron and Georgian Bay are a part -- have been 90 to 95 per cent frozen over. It is absolutely important NOT to venture onto frozen ice surfaces at any time during colder months unless you can confirm (usually with local residents) that it is safe to do so. Never take a chance!

This view is from Rotary Park at Sunset Point in Collingwood. This southern Georgian Bay community has more than 50 kilometres of hiking/biking trails which are also used for cross-country skiing during the winter. In the distance in this photo, looking to the west, are the popular ski hills of Blue Mountain Resorts; only at this time of year they are green, not white! Collingwood also has many waterfront parks, all close to Downtown Collingwood, and a plethora of restaurants to suit various budgets.

Visitors to Collingwood's popular Farmers' Market in Downtown Collingwood smile here ahead of one of the many vendors.

Nottawasaga Island, with lighthouse, in distance offshore from Sunset Point

Commercial fishing boats at town dock in Collingwood.

This is one of the many plaques along Collingwood's "Walk of History" on Heritage Drive, which commemorate ships built and sidelaunched at Collingwood Shipyards. The shipyards closed in 1986 after 103 years of being the economic backbone of this southern Georgian Bay community. Today, a condominium development called "The Shipyards" is taking shape on the former industrial property at Collingwood's waterfront.

Here, at left, is the business end of a snowplow from the Collingwood Public Works department on Heritage Drive. The snowbanks give an indication of what has been cleared and the snow on the decorative anchor (at left, below) and the treetop (below) give further proof of how the snow blankets everything all around Georgian Bay.

Keeping watch on the weather is very important, moreso during winter when  "white-outs" can bring road closures. George Czerny's book "George's Georgian Bay" provides tips about winter-weather driving and offers much more advice about travels around Georgian Bay at any time of year.

One never knows what one will see at Collingwood harbour. On this day, during one summer, this beautiful "hot rod" was spotted by the author, who could not resist photographing this vehicle. At top-left, that is part of "The Shipyards" condominium development. In the distance, the Blue Mountains, which are part of the World Biosphere, Niagara Escarpment, can be seen. The point at which this photograph was taken is only blocks..... a short walk....from Downtown Collingwood.

Collingwood, Ontario, on the

southern shore of Georgian Bay

The bird's-eye views of Collingwood, at right, show this Simcoe County municipality in a different way from what most visitors see it. These summer views were taken from an aircraft from the Genesis Flight Centre at Collingwood airport. Waterfront parks and hiking-biking trails abound in Collingwood. Things change dramatically with winter's arrival as the photo below shows. The ski hills of Blue Mountain are visible in the distance to the west. The Collingwood Terminals, a former grain elevator facility, is a landmark on Collingwood's waterfront and easily visible in these aerial photographs by George Czerny.