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Important note: The "Chi-Cheemaun" does not operate during the winter months. Be sure to check her sailing schedule!

"Chi-Cheemaun", above, as she looked under construction at Collingwood Shipyards in 1974. Below, at bottom-left, as she looks under way between South Baymouth and Tobermory at and leaving South Baymouth at bottom-right.

From Tobermory to South Baymouth on Manitoulin Island it takes approximately two hours to cross aboard the Chi-Cheemaun ferry. This ferry ride is described in George Czerny's book "George's Georgian Bay". Photographs, clockwise from above: The top part of the Chi-Cheemaun's bow opens to allow vehicles access to the inside parking area. At right, top, one view as the ferry passes islands. At right, middle, looking forward from the stern area. At bottom right, the galley offers meals and refreshments in a spotless cafeteria environment. Below, vehicles drive out through a stern opening as they leave the Chi-Cheemaun which was built at Collingwood Shipyards in 1974. (Photographs by George Czerny.)

Photographs by George Czerny, author of the travel guide

"George's Georgian Bay" and a number of other books. George's books are available for preview and/or purchase on-line at the bookstore at www.blurb.com. Among George's titles: "The Collingwood Shipyards" and "A Salute to Sidelaunchings".

Vehicles prepare to leave the "Chi-Cheemaun" through the ship's stern area. Important to note: This ferry operates between Tobermory and South Baymouth, Manitoulin Island, only between mid-May and mid-October. The journey takes about two hours. For full details check out the Ontario Ferries website. The "Chi-Cheemaun" is operated by the Owen Sound Transportation Company and moors each winter in Owen Sound harbour.

The "Chi-Cheemaun" ferry

The "Chi-Cheemaun's" engine room is spotless...and not open to the public. However, a retired Navy friend of the author, got a special tour and -- as a result -- this photo was possible. Another spotless place is the ship's galley where meals and drinks are available at reasonable prices. The ship also has a gift shop, a bar, inside passenger lounges and seating outside on decks. This ferry was built at Collingwood Shipyards, Ontario in 1974 and went into full service in 1975.