​​​​Kiss The Ground You Walk On, Canada​

The A,B,Cs of how to be a better Canadian

This aerial photograph shows part of the harbour at Collingwood, Ontario. At bottom-left, are the former sidelaunching basin and dry-dock which were once used at the Collingwood Shipyards before that industry closed. Today, a modern condominium development overlooks the waterfront and is called "The Shipyards". It is an ever-changing landscape as new developments take shape.

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George Czerny-Holownia has been writing under the name George Czerny for five decades. A retired newspaperman he loves the Georgian Bay area of Canada in which he lives. In fact, he loves all of Canada! His latest book, published in May 2019, is "Kiss The Ground You Walk On, Canada!". Check it out at the on-line bookstore at:


​From the world's largest freshwater island, Manitoulin Island in the northwest, to the world's largest freshwater beach, Wasaga Beach in the southeast, you will find a lot to enjoy as you travel around Georgian Bay.

Southern Georgian Bay resident,

George Czerny, takes you to what he calls his "centre of the universe" in another of his books "George's Georgian Bay Revisited"

Read George's new book! Details on "Kiss The Ground..." elsewhere on this site

​"Kiss The Ground You Walk On, Canada!" is George's latest book. The sub-title is "The A,B,Cs of how to be a better Canadian! For more details look at the "Kiss The Ground You Walk On,Canada! page on this site.

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